KXOLs first Newsman Joe Wills with Marilyn Monroe (1953)
Bill Hightower (1955)

KXOL mobile news units (1957)

KXOL news boat and plane (1957)

KXOL News Director Roy Eaton

Roy Stamps (1958)

Jack Burns (1959)

KXOL News l-r Otis T. "Sonny" Dunagan, Roy Eaton
Bruce Neal, Bob Bruton and Fireman Jim Noah (1959)

Bob Schieffer (1962)

"Sonny" Dunagan (1962)

Don Buckman (1962)

Bob Schieffer (1962)
Bob Schieffer & Bruce Neal (1962)

Bruce Neal receiving AP Award for Best Newscast in Texas (1962)

Roy Eaton and Bruce Neal at Texas AP Broadcasters Convention (1963)

Roy Eaton in the Lancaster Studios news center (1963)

Bruce Neal printing the Top 40 Survey (1963)

Gene Craft (1963)

Inside one of the KXOL News mobile units

Russ Bloxom (1963)

...you'll need to get the story from Russ on this one! (1963)
Russ Bloxom and Bruce Neal(1963)

Joint United Way Broadcast l-r Roy Eaton, Bruce Neal, Dean McLean (KNOK)
Tom Whalen (WBAP), Frank Mills (WBAP) and Gene Craft (then at KFJZ) (circa 1966)

Roy Eaton Live On the Scene (1966)

Lowell "Jay" Duncan (1966)

Election Return Coverage (1966) Included in photo are Jerry Hahn, Joe Holstead, Bruce Neal, Don Day, Jay Duncan, and Russ Bloxom

KXOL News: L-R Cecil Knight, Ken Taylor, Kay Patrick Powell, Carey Simms, Anthony Hennes and Roy Eaton (1969)

Joe Holstead (1969)

'XOL News Unit with Joe Holsteads children (1969)
..yes, that's Rowdy Yates in the foreground!
Ken "Hubcap" Carter (circa 1974)